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History of Henry W. Bergman, Inc.

Henry William Bergman was a businessman at the turn of the twentieth century in Ottawa County, Ohio. In 1912, he founded a contracting company concentrating on bridge construction, excavation, concrete block manufacturing, and asphalt paving.

In 1947 his only son, Eldo William Bergman, returned from his World War II service in the US Navy to help his father run the company. At that time their construction company was called Bergman & Son Company, but in 1956 Eldo changed the name of the company to Henry W. Bergman, Inc. as a tribute to his father. 

Eldo and his wife Tomme had fourteen children--you read that correctly--all of whom contributed to the family business in some way. Two of Eldo's sons, Henry W. Bergman II (Hank) and James Bergman stayed with the business for decades to lead a third generation. Hank was the project foreman, always out in the field keeping the paver moving. His knowledge of engineering, obtained through his upbringing and twenty years in the US Army Corp of Engineers, was a great asset to the family business. James took the office role predominantly; they worked together for years until Hank's early death in 2000. James now serves as the president of the company.

In 2012, Henry W. Bergman, Inc. celebrated its hundredth year in business. The business is still going strong today and now a fourth generation of Bergman men, Paul, Henry III, Wesley, and Thomas, are carrying on this family tradition on roads near you!

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